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How to derank

How to good and fast derank !

1. Join the DERANKERS group on steam :

2. Launch ur game and go to your lobby.

3. Go to your profile and copy your lobby link and put in in the derankers group.

4. The best maps u can play to fast derank are dust 2; mirage; inferno; and cache !(small maps)

5. Play always 5 ! U can start also 4 but u must or kick the random or troll him :D

6. Win some rounds to faster derank - the 16;3 it's good but i see that getting more rr are better to derank like 16;7 or more ! 16;0 is the worst type of derank...

7. If u want fast derank play like a BOT Ulric ! :D

8. If u want be afk i have for u some binds !!!! - bind "," " +forward;+back" (u are afk on spawn) bind "." " -forward;-back" (u move normal) :)

9. Kill 1 time ur teammate and make some suicides (u can do 4 of it) - it make ur stats lower and u derank faster !

10. GL and HF my friends !

11. ur a person go play now omg ist das jetzt ok so??


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